Become a CBA Advocate

Here’s a way you can support CBA without it costing a cent…

A CBA Advocate is someone who supports CBA’s mission and is happy to ‘wave the flag’ for us occasionally at church (or within a home group).

We simply ask you to stand up at your church for a minute or two, maybe three or four times per year, to let people know about CBA’s activities.

Examples might be:

  • encouraging people to invite friends and neighbours to tune in to our Christmas or Easter broadcasts.
  • telling people about a particularly interesting guest coming up on Real Life with John Cowan.
  • highlighting CBA’s Christmas or Easter appeal.
  • calling people to prayer when we run Media Prayer Day (every second year).
  • etc.

We’ll send you everything you’ll need.


  • You must be able to receive the information by email.
  • We can only have one or two CBA Advocates per church.
  • We’d like to check with your pastor/priest/minister that you’re suitable, and explain to them what it’s about. By completing the form below, you’re giving us permission to ask them about you.

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