Whostalk ZB reprised for Christmas 2019

To finish off our 2019 Christmas programming on Newstalk ZB we played our award-winning production Whostalk ZB. Peter Wolfkamp hosted an introductory chat with two of the show’s creative minds, Phil Guyan and Grace Bucknell. The ambitious and delightful rhyming production won local and international awards in 2019.

Frank’s Backyard Christmas

Rev Frank Ritchie hosted our 2019 Christmas afternoon programme on Newstalk ZB. He invited his regular co-host on Sunday night’s Total Recall, Jax van Buuren as well as Newstalk ZB host Tim Roxborogh to join him in a music challenge. Together the team brainstormed music to creatively retell the nativity story using lyrics of songs that have nothing to do …

Johnny Cash

A Johnny Cash Christmas special

One of our highlights from our 2019 Christmas programming on Newstalk ZB was this Christmas special looking at the life of Johnny Cash. John Cowan presented the special that wove through Johnny’s life and career, drawing heavily on the Johnny Cash Christmas Specials that he recorded for television. Johnny’s faith comes through authentically and powerfully in the final programme. Check …