Enable a positive & thoughtful Christian voice on mainstream media this Easter.

In this current time of stress and uncertainty, the Christian community has an opportunity to be a voice of God’s hope, comfort and love. CBA has 14 hours of air time this Easter on two nationwide networks Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport, with an estimated audience of more than 300,000+ listeners. We’ve brought together some of NZ’s most respected and experienced Christian broadcasters.

**As you’ll notice, we made this video a month ago before anyone really had the virus on their mind.

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How we share Jesus, together

All Christians share the same mission to be the presence of Christ in our communities, to bless our nation and to bring love, hope and healing to the people around us. While local churches minister to their neighbourhood and communities, CBA brings the hope of the Gospel to mainstream media. We’re all in this mission together.

As we navigate the Covid-19 lockdown, and the rest of 2020, let’s ensure Christians have a positive and respectful voice in the public arena.
In addition to creating award-winning programming throughout the year, CBA has multiple ministries to NZ’s media. This winter, we’ll be teaming up with churches throughout Aotearoa to run Media Prayer Day. We also lead a support network of hundreds of Christians who work in media, and we provide a chaplaincy service to media professionals, whether they have a faith or not.

We have brought together some of New Zealand’s most experienced Christian broadcasters to present this year’s Easter programming

Programme Schedule

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Good Friday

6am-9am: Peter Wolfkamp & Tash McGill
9am-12noon: Sam & Julia Bloore
12noon-3pm: Petra Bagust
3pm-6pm: Frank Ritchie & Jax van Buuren

Easter Sunday

6pm-7:30pm: Total Recall* with Frank Ritchie & Jax van Buuren
7:30pm-8pm: Real Life* with John Cowan

*Both Total Recall & Real Life are regular Sunday programmes produced weekly by CBA on Newstalk ZB.

CBA’s Easter programming is made with the support of NZ On Air.

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