How do we know how many people are listening to CBA programmes?

Independent research companies are engaged by commercial radio stations to survey the listening habits of thousands of radio listeners. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to collect and analyse this information, and it is paid for by the participating commercial networks.

Listeners are randomly selected from the general population and are monitored throughout the period. By extrapolation, the researchers calculate how many people are listening at any given time of day, to what station and for how long.

The results are broken down into various demographics and psychographics. One of these, which is critical to CBA’s mission, is that at least 86% of those listening to Newstalk ZB say that for them ‘religion or spirituality is not a primary interest’ in their life.

Newstalk ZB is consistently the most-listened-to commercial radio network in New Zealand. It is crucial for CBA to rate well during survey periods to justify our presence on their station.