CBA Reaches Large Audiences

At CBA we don’t have our own radio station, we just borrow them. We provide programmes mainly to Newstalk ZB and Radio LIVE which means we reach large numbers of people who wouldn’t normally set foot inside a church.

Sunday nights on Newstalk ZB

Every Sunday night from 6pm to 8pm our two programmes Total Recall with Sam & Jax and Real Life with John Cowan reach a combined audience of nearly 20,000 listeners.

Every Sunday

Christmas Broadcasts on Newstalk ZB & RadioLIVE

Every Christmas

Every Christmas since 1996, Newstalk ZB has given us at least 12 hours on Christmas Day and often Christmas Eve airtime as well.

Since 2015, we’ve produced Christmas programming on RadioLIVE as well, adding significant numbers to our overall reach.

Easter Broadcasts on Newstalk ZB & RadioLIVE

Every Easter since 1997, Newstalk ZB has given us 12 hours on Good Friday, often simulcast on Radio Sport.

In 2015, we began began producing Easter weekend programmes on RadioLIVE as well.

Every Easter

Since our audience is predominantly non-religious, we’re always on the look out for creative and fresh ways to talk about God, faith and spirituality.

You can help us reach more

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