Meet the Team

We’d love to introduce you to the CBA crew. We have six full time (or nearly full-time) staff plus a few part-timers.

  • Phil Guyan

    Phil has led CBA since 1995 performing various roles, such as programming, new initiatives, fundraising and marketing. His main role is to bring together great Christian communicators to create compelling programmes suitable for mainstream radio audiences, which communicate the Christian faith in creative ways.

  • Erin Carpenter

    Erin started at CBA part-time in 2003, and began full-time in 2006. She looks after the CBA office and has a variety of administrative duties, such as coordinating special projects, appeals and managing our part-time administration staff. One of her key roles is to look after CBA’s supporters, answering any questions they may have and ensuring all of their details are up to date.

  • Kate McGlinchey

    Kate began working at CBA in 2015. She is an integral part of the team and she would be happy to discuss with you how you can include CBA in your Will.

  • Josh Couch

    Josh joined the team in early 2010 to expand CBA’s capacity for programming and other initiatives. He has been directly involved in a variety of jobs including producing programmes, creating promotional videos and managing CBA’s online presence and strategies.

  • Elesha Gordon

    Elesha is the facilitator of the ‘Salt’ network, which exists to encourage and support Christians working in media in their faith and vocation.

  • Rev Francis Ritchie

    Frank works part time at CBA as a chaplain to our Salt network and the wider NZ media industry. He also co-hosts our Sunday evening programme, Total Recall, alongside Jax van Buuren.

  • Sheree Hughes

    Sheree is the part-time Chartered Accountant here at CBA. She manages the books and helps to ensure that CBA continues to operate with integrity and responsibility in regard to finances.

  • Annelies Guyan

    Annelies has worked for CBA on and off for nearly two decades! She currently works part-time taking care of various administrative responsibilities, including accounts, and helps with event planning.

  • Lauren Cunningham

    Lauren came on board at CBA part-time at the beginning of 2017 to look after our wonderful supporters, process donations and help to keep the office running smoothly.

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