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love-it-logo-500We provide a range of short-format seasonal and topical specials to radio stations all over the country. These are distributed under our sub-brand ‘Love It Media’.

The aim of Love It Media is to provide uplifting and positive content for NZ radio. Even when the tracks aren’t explicitly “Christian” there’s often an undercurrent of a faith-infused worldview.

Current affairs

Many of the tracks we provide are in response to news and current events.

Sir Paul Homes



On the morning of the death of Sir Paul Holmes in 2013, we put together this montage using his interview on Real Life with John Cowan:

That same afternoon, radio stations all over the country were playing the track in tribute to the late Sir Paul.

The ANZAC Centenary Tribute
In 2015, Newstalk ZB commissioned us to produce a four-part radio documentary telling the story of the ANZACs and the Gallipoli campaign.

Seasonal offerings

Love It Media provides tracks that add flavour to days such Valentine’s Day, Waitangi Day and Mothers’ Day.

Not every track we provide is explicitly “Christian” in message. In fact they are often completely unrelated to questions of faith.

Around Christmas and Easter in particular, we find it makes sense to talk explicitly about the core claims of Christianity.

The “God-o-meter”

Many of the radio announcers, producers and programme directors that we distribute these clips to might be put off by the “Christian” label. We aim to set their minds at ease by including a ‘God-o-meter’ rating of 0-10 for each track.

This helps to establish us as high-quality content providers, which means that when a faith topic comes up, our content is trusted and valued.

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