Nicky Gumbel will be one of our “proclaimers of Christmas”

‘Why should people still be celebrating the birth of a baby born 2,000 years ago?’ Nicky Gumbel, a former lawyer, and now the Senior Vicar of one of England’s most vibrant churches, is well-qualified to answer this question. He’s one of the most influential men in modern Christianity, yet ‘humble, charming and chatty’ – perfect for our audience – and we’re thrilled to have him on our programme this Christmas.

“I met a man a couple of years ago who blew me away…”

Our CEO, Phil Guyan, has recorded this video message to honour CBA’s visionary supporters, and ask younger Christians to take up the baton. CBA has the coolest supporters… They are the most stunning, committed, visionary people I’ve ever met. Faithful support from regular donors has enabled CBA to share the heart of the Christian faith on secular radio for decades. …