CBA just won ‘most engaging radio’ award at CMAA in Australia

A CBA Easter radio programme has been honoured at the CMAA CONNECT17 Conference in Queensland Australia this week.

Phil Guyan accepted the award for ‘most engaging radio’ for CBA’s 10-part time-travelling radio drama, Newstalk 33AD, which aired throughout Good Friday nationwide on Newstalk ZB.

Stu Thompson from ICONZ discusses faith and formation on Newstalk ZB

Stu Thompson chatted on-air with Peter Wolfkamp and Jax van Buuren about the ICONZ programme for young boys. We want our boys to be godly men and Kiwi greats. Stu revealed that over 100,000 boys in New Zealand are growing up without fathers. ICONZ is dedicated to role-modeling true masculinity. Listen to more highlights from our Easter 2017 broadcasts by …

Peter Rollins chats about Easter with Sam Bloore in an Irish Pub

When Northern Irish philosopher, theologian, and author Peter Rollins visited New Zealand, Sam Bloore grabbed the chance to sit down with him for an interview. And where better than in an Irish pub? Sam and Peter’s chat covered all sorts including the death of God, the nature of sin and why we should appreciate Good Friday regardless of our faith …