What is the difference between CBA and Rhema?

CBA is an entirely different entity to the Rhema Media (formerly Rhema Broadcasting Group). We are good friends, but very distinct from one-another in our mission and methodology.

CBA is a programme producer/programme provider, and all our programmes are designed specifically for non-Christian audiences on existing mainstream secular commercial radio networks. CBA is not a radio station. We do not own the stations on which we broadcast and we never pay for air time.

Rhema Media, on the other hand, operates three Christian radio networks; ‘New Zealand’s Rhema’, ‘Life FM’ and ‘Star’. These operate 24/7, the music is Christian and the target market is, by and large, predominantly Christian.

CBA has an excellent relationship with Rhema Media and we work together when we can. Rhema sometimes plays CBA programming, CBA sometimes uses Rhema’s recording facilities and several of Rhema’s announcers have done work on CBA programmes. We each have expertise in different areas, and our commissions are different yet complementary.