Where do I find CBA’s programmes?

Total Recall with Sam & Jax > Newstalk ZB, 6pm -7.30pm Sundays.

Real Life with John Cowan > Newstalk ZB, 7.30pm-8pm Sundays.

Christmas > Newstalk ZB (& Radio Sport) 6pm-12midnight Christmas Eve and 6am-6pm Christmas Day + RadioLIVE 7pm-12midnight Christmas Eve, 6am-6pm & 7pm-8pm Christmas Day.

Easter > Newstalk ZB (& Radio Sport) 6am-6pm Good Friday + RadioLIVE 7pm-12midnight Good Friday & Easter Sunday.

Topical Specials (Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Waitangi Day etc.) > these spots are played by different stations at different times so it’s really difficult to tell when they’ll play. For copyright reasons, we can’t make all of these spots available online without paying large royalty fees.