Why does CBA hand out Easter Eggs on Good Friday?

Because we are broadcasting on completely secular networks, over 85% of our listeners on Good Friday do not regard spirituality or religion as a primary interest in their lives. The programme has to be designed with thought of how to connect with people who do not give a second thought to the true meaning of Easter.

We arrange for our “out and about” team to hand out Easter Eggs to bring a ‘nation-wide feel’ to the programme. It’s fun, provides some light relief between sometimes very weighty discussion, and also encourages more people to tune in.

For most non-Christians, Easter means little more than chocolate and a long weekend. We see no reason to condemn them for eating chocolate, especially since most Christians join in with that too! It’s not scriptural to wait until Sunday to eat chocolate eggs – that’s simply a Christian adaptation of a pagan ritual, so it’s a compromise we’re happy to make for the sake of entertaining radio that the listeners can relate to.