Easter Resources

We would really appreciate you using these electronic resources to help to promote our Easter appeal.


To help CBA receive the best response possible, here are some ways to share the information with your church:

  1. Watch and share our appeal video via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever other means you have to communicate with your church family. Simply click on the “share” icon on the top right of the video below for sharing options.   [If you want to, you can download the video as .MP4 or .WMV]
  2. Encourage people to visit our Easter Appeal page.
  3. Here’s more information you can use or adapt when communicating with your church…  [2020 more info]
  4. ‘Cut-and-paste’ the below paragraph with our 0900 number into your church e-communications.

If you’d like to help us even more, there are plenty of other ideas under ‘bonus’ at the bottom of the page. Thanks!


One of the most effective things you can do is share our Easter appeal video.


Please select the text in this box to cut and paste in to your emails to church members.

Enable a positive + thoughtful Christian voice on mainstream media this Easter. 
In this time of stress and uncertainty, the Christian community has an opportunity to be a voice of God’s hope, comfort and love. CBA has brought together some of NZ’s most respected Christian broadcasters to present the real Easter message on Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport.
Two nationwide networks. 14 hours of air time. 300,000+ listeners.
Please visit cba.org.nz/easter for more details and to view CBA’s video. Phone 0900 80 222 to make a $20 donation or visit cba.org.nz/give


Your Website

Including CBA’s programme and appeal information on your church’s website with a link to our Easter appeal page (cba.org.nz/easter) is a great way to promote the appeal.

Your Facebook Page

Posting about CBA’s programme and appeal information on your church’s facebook page with a link to our Easter appeal page (cba.org.nz/easter) is a great way to promote the appeal. You can share posts from CBA’s facebook page at facebook.com/CBAtrust.

Tell People to Tune In

Encourage your congregation to get their non-Christian family and friends to listen to the show. There are programme details on our appeal page or you can find the frequency for your region here.